What we believe



The Basis of Union for the Uniting Church  provides the theological basis on which the Uniting Church was established. Like most groups there would be a wide range of belief systems within the Bankstown District Uniting Church ranging from a quite conservative evangelical position to some people who have some questions about some of the more conservative viewpoints. I think it would be fair to say that the congregation would be united in saying that we believe in one God who created and sustains the world in which we live. The stories of God’s dealings with people which we find in the Old Testament give us unique insights into the nature of God and the responses of people to God.

We believe that Jesus Christ had a unique and special relationship with God and shows us how God wants us to live through his life, teachings and signs and wonders.

We believe that his witness so confronted the powers of evil that he was arrested and executed by those who were most threatened by him.

We believe that after his death he became present to his disciples and many others in a way which changed their lives and brought into being the movement which has become the Christian Church.

We believe that the risen Christ is present in the lives of his followers through the Holy Spirit, guiding, strengthening and empowering them for his work in the world.

We believe that every person is made in the image of God and that image is diminished or enhanced to the extent that our relationship with God is developed. Every person is given gifts and responsibilities by God for service in the world.